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    Arraylist in

    hi expects

    how to insert the value in arraylist and how to read the value in arraylist

    thnaks for sharing
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    If you are a bigenner in array list, go through this site

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    please visit below link

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    inserting an element in to array list:
    ArrayList testlist = new ArrayList();

    retrieving values from arraylist:
    for (int i=0;i < Testlist.Count - 1;i++)
    Response.Write(Testlist(i).ToString() + "<br>")

    Hope it may helps u......

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    code for creation and insertion
    ArrayList myList = new ArrayList();
    myList.Add ("hima"); // Add a string.
    myList.Add(1032); // Add an integer
    myList.Add( DateTime.Now ); // Add current time.
    myList.Add( new DataTable() ); // Add a datatable

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    ArrayList is a class in System.Collections namespace
    it can store any kind of object, forexample there is no restriction on the kind of objects that an arraylist can store. One can achieve the functionality of arraylist containing one type of objects such as arraylist containing strings only, or intergers only or some other kind by using the concept of generics.

    happy programming

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    many ways to insert or bind the values into Arraylist:

    like Arraylist.add() //indivudal data.
    arrayList.AddRange() //Collection of records can Add
    arrayList.Insert() //insert indivudal data.
    arrayList.InsertRange()//insert at specific data..

    like this many ways we can manipulate arraylist easily...

    i hope the above things will help you a bit.

    Love coding

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    hi thnks for reply


    ArrayList alist = new ArrayList();
    for (int i = 0; i < alist.Count; i++)

    Ranganathan Palanisamy

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