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    New award from dotnetspider -- Most Valuable Member

    Hi Members,

    Finally we are announcing the DNS-MVM ( DotNetSpider Most Valuable Member) awards. We present the MVP Award to thank individuals for their exceptional contributions to DNS. The criteria for selection of DNS-MVM award is as follow:

    1. We are going to give the award 4 times in a year. January, April, July, October.

    2. This Award is valid for 1 year from the date of selection

    3. MVM status will be automatically renewed for eligible members

    4. Only members who are in Diamond level or above will be considered for the MVP award.

    5. Webmaster, Editors, Admins may refer a member for the DNS-MVP

    6. Microsoft MVP status will be an added Advantage

    7. Members who contribute good articles and who help other members by posting valuable answers in the forum will be given higher priority.

    8. Final decision is reserved with Admins.

    9. At least one Diamond level or above level member should refer a member for this award.

    Now we are inviting applications for DNS-MVM award during the month of April. So all the eligible members are requested to submit their applications in the attached format (MSWORD) and the member who wants to refer this member for the award should send the filled in application through email to

    The last date for submission of application is 15th April, 2009.

  • Application for DNS- MVM Award (197727-191051-Application for DotNetSpider- MVM.doc)
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    Thank you very much DNS.

    This will attract more and more users to submit good quality resources and answers in the forum.

    Thanks once again DNS.

    Thanks & Regards


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    Hi Raghav,

    Its a day which will be written in Golden in the DNS history.

    I am very much glad to see implementation of our thoughts. Such its a great day today.

    Here Sl. No.9 is confusing for me, I understand that Diamond member only refer one member, am I right or wrong?

    Thanks & regards,
    Gaurav Kumar Arora
    Site Coordinator - DNS
    My blog -

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    you are correct. A Diamond member or higher level member should only refer another member for this award.


    Web Master

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    Great News Raghav.



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    I would like to know how many members can be known as DNS-MVM ( DotNetSpider Most Valuable Member) in every quater.

    Phani Harshitha Madala

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    Good job by DNS.Great News to DNS memebers who had contributed a lot


    Thanks & Regards
    D.Jeya Kumar(JK)

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    This is a very good step taken by the Team DNS. i wish the team all the very best..

    Would u please let me know that hoy many members will be awarded at a time.
    and what they can DO with that Award in the DNS site.

    Thanks a lot..

    Thanks & Regards
    Anil Kumar Pandey
    Microsoft MVP, DNS MVM

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    Anil Pandey,

    Thank you for your response. There is no limit to the number of members that we give this award. But if any member who applies for it, and is found to be eligible, we will give the award. This award may be useful in your career. We will be giving a certificate as the award from DNS.

    Web Master

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    Hi Raghav,
    Its a very nice one.

    All is well.
    Try and fail but don't fail and try

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    Hello Raghav,
    Its really a nice one but why not we all ?? Why these conditions ??

  • #358224

    Which is the condition that you did not like. These conditions are required because this award is a special award. Please tell me which condition do you feel not confortable?

    Web Master

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    The fourth one, only members of diamond level and higher than that..

  • #358235
    Another thing, i have submitted the application form for the Google AdSense.. Reply will be come within 2-3 days..

    In the email, it was written that after Google review, the must be approved my application.. Is it so ??

    WHY ??

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    Thanks for the information..

    One more quest is that Do a member need to apply for this awaed or the DNS ream will itself pick one of the meber and give this award to that member..
    if need to be applied then what are the critaria for applying to this award..


    Thanks & Regards
    Anil Kumar Pandey
    Microsoft MVP, DNS MVM

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    Great This is Cool!!
    Now More Members will try to come to Diamond Level
    Trying to target For This Award..
    Good Work DNS Team
    Regards Hefin Dsouza

    Regards Hefin Dsouza

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    This is cool.

    I realize how much valuable it is, after one of my friend in DNS achieved this award.

    Best of luck !!!
    Pradeep Y

    Pradeep Iyer

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