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stored proc in sql server to send mail.

I have written stored procedure for sending mail from sql server.
But I m getting result code -2147221005 and my mail is not getting send.
Stored procedure i have written is

ALTER Procedure [dbo].[sp_SMTPMail]

@SenderName varchar(100)='Ujwala',
@SenderAddress varchar(100)='',
@RecipientName varchar(100)='abc',
@RecipientAddress varchar(100)='',
@Subject varchar(200)='hi',
@Body varchar(8000)='Hi,How r u?',
@MailServer varchar(100) = 'localhost'


SET nocount on

declare @oMail int --Object reference
declare @resultcode int
begin try

-- EXEC @resultcode = sp_OACreate 'SMTPsvg.Mailer', @oMail OUT
EXEC @resultcode = sp_OACreate 'CDONTS.NewMail', @oMail OUT
end try
begin catch


end catch
print 'Result Code'
print @resultCode
if @resultcode = 0
EXEC @resultcode = sp_OASetProperty @oMail, 'RemoteHost', @mailserver

EXEC @resultcode = sp_OASetProperty @oMail, 'FromName', @SenderName
EXEC @resultcode = sp_OASetProperty @oMail, 'FromAddress', @SenderAddress

EXEC @resultcode = sp_OAMethod @oMail, 'AddRecipient', NULL, @RecipientName, @RecipientAddress

EXEC @resultcode = sp_OASetProperty @oMail, 'Subject', @Subject
EXEC @resultcode = sp_OASetProperty @oMail, 'BodyText', @Body

EXEC @resultcode = sp_OAMethod @oMail, 'SendMail', NULL

EXEC sp_OADestroy @oMail

SET nocount off

will anyone pls tell me what that resultcode is realted to.
Waiting for a favourable reply.
Thankx and Regards.


#294587    Author: vipul    12 Sep 2008 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

For that you refer this mail they provide in the detail about your error.


Thanks & Regards
Patel Vipul

#294627    Author: Ujwala  12 Sep 2008 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 4

Thankx for your help.
I have gone though this link. But the link in the stored proc which r mention r not getting displayed so i not getting the things.
And i just want to know what the result code -2147221005 is realted to.
Waiting for reply.
Thanks and regards,

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