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    Types of cookies?

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    what is ur question ?
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    Cookies are two types
    First one is Persistent cookies and Second one is Non-persistent cookies.

    Persistent cookies :-

    Persistent cookies are stored on your computer HardDisk. They stay on your hard Disk and can be accessed by web servers until they are deleted (or)Have Expired. Persistent cookies are not Affected by your browser Setting that delete temporary files when you close your browser.

    Non-persistent cookies:-

    Non-persistent cookies are saved only while your web browser is running. They can be used by web server only until you close your browser. They are not saved on your disk.

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    single valued cookies and multivalued cookies.

    Single valued cookies we can store only one value. in multivalues cookies we can store multiple values.

    Cookie is Small unit of information that is stored in a client machine when the user browses. it is created based on user basis.

    We cannot write cookie when the cookies can be disbaled in client machine.


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    Browser cookies are used to store small pieces of information on a client machine. A cookie can store only up to 4 KB of information. Generally cookies are used to store data which user types frequently such as user id and password to login to a site.

    There are two types of browser cookies - session and persistent. Session cookies, also called as temporary cookies are stored in a browsers memory and stay alive as long as a browser session is live. When you close a browser, these cookies die.

    Before we start on the mechanics of working with cookies, I will mention a couple of limitations of working with cookies. Most browsers support cookies of up to 4096 bytes. That is plenty of space for storing a few values on the user's computers, but you would not want to try to store a dataset or some other potentially large piece of data in a cookie. More practically, you probably do not want to store a big collection of user information in a cookie. Instead, you would want to store a user number or other identifier. Then, when the user visits your site again, you would use the user ID to look up user details in a database. (But see Cookies and Security for some caveats about storing user information.)

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    Session is used to store the some information to can reuse it another page or site with in project.

    for ex:-


    Method Description

    Abandon :Destroys a user session
    Contents: Remove Deletes an item from the Contents collection Contents.
    RemoveAll() Deletes all items from the Contents collection

    Events :-

    Session_OnEnd :-

    Occurs when a session ends

    Occurs when a session starts

    Cookies are the small file saved in the client machine which could be used for saving informations like user preferences and other details
    Users could save or delete cookies at any time as per their requirement.

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    A cookie is used to store small piece of information on client machine.A cookie contains page-specific information that a web server sends to a client along with page output.Cookies are used for sending page specific information because HTTP is a stateless protocol and cannot indicate whether page request coming from the same or different client.You can use cookies to keep track of individual user who access a web page across HTTP connection.

    Cookies are saved on the client computer.Cookies can be either temporary or persistent.Temporary cookies also know as session cookies,exist in the memory space of browser.When the browser is closed,all the session cookies added to the browser are lost.A persistent cookie is saved as a text file in the file system of the client computer.

    Cookies enable you to store information about a client,session,or application.When a browser request a page,it sends the information in the cookie along with the request information.A web server reads the cookie and extracts its value.


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    Cookies provide a means for a Web server to induce a client to store information about itself which can subsequently be called up by the Web server when required. This might be information which the user has supplied about themselves, their preferences or their requirements via forms input. The oft-cited example is the shopping list which might be added to from time to time. Cookies are currently implemented by Netscape and Internet Explorer.

    Cookies are Small files that automatically downloaded from a Web server to the computer of someone browsing a Web site. Information stored in cookies can then be accessed any time that computer returns to the site. Cookies also allow Web sites to "personalize" their appearance by identifying visitors, storing passwords, tracking preferences, and other possibilities.

    We can also say that cookies are the Electronic ID tags sent from a Web server to a user's browser to track and record their Web-surfing patterns, i.e., ads clicked on, products purchased, sites visited and the user's origin. This can enable the site to provide more personalized information to be served upon a return visit to the site.


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