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    How do I register an DLL in GAC

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    Hi Friends,
    I have created an DLL & how do I register that DLL into GAC so that all my applns in my machine.

    Vipul Mehta
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    Review This Steps

    Cheers !!!

    Abhay Lakkad

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    The link that Abhay has given is good. But I would like to add something to that:

    To place a dll into the GAC the following steps need to be done:

    1. Generating a public key or a strong name
    2. Adding the public key to the AssemblyInfo.vb file of the DLL. This step is called Signing the Assembly with a public key.
    3. Build the assembly
    4. Placing the dll into GAC .

    1. Generating the public key:
    As Abhay said, go to visualStudio.Net command prompt and type the following command:

    sn -k keyfile1.snk
    Here keyfile1.snk is the keyfile we are generating.

    You can store this key file in the bin folder of the assembly. In order to do this u have to go to the bin folder. For example:
    C:\foldername\assemblyname\bin sn-k keyfile1.snk

    By doing this the keyfile is stored in the bin folder.

    2. Placing the keyfile into the Assembly.
    Go to AssemblyInfo.vb file:
    <Assembly: AssemblyKeyFile("C:\foldername\assemblyname\\keyfile1.snk")>
    3. Build the Assembly.

    4. Placing the assembly into GAC

    There are two way in which u can place the assembly into GAC.
    1. Using the utility gacutil -i
    Here you should give the complete path of the dll

    c:\>gactutil -i c:\foldername\assemblyname\bin\assemblyname.dll

    2. The second method is u can drag the .dll file from the bin folder of the assembly and drop it into the folder C:\winnt\Assembly

    Doing this is same ie placing assembly into GAC.

    Good Luck.

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