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    What is Caching ??? How can We implement in our Web pages???
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    It refers to information that is reused in your application, or information that is stored on your computer so it can be reused. For example, if you download an image from the internet, it's often cached so you can view it again without downloading the image data. Caching is a form of replication in which information learned during a previous transaction is used to process later transactions.

    in other words we can say

    To make web surfing faster, web browsers store recently visited pages on the user’s disk. When the site is revisited, the browser displays pages from the cache instead of requesting them from the server. Reloading brings up the current page from the server.

    As related to caching reports, this involves storing the results of pre-run reports in tables (instead of caching to memory as the usage of the word implies) so that when the user accesses the report for the first time, it seems to run instantaneously. This is a feature provided by the server component of many of the popular OLAP tools.

    Once a website has been requested it is stored on the networks caching server. Next time a user on that network requests the same website, it can be found on the local cashing server instead of having to travel across the Internet.


    A cache is a local copy of data available over a network. When for example a web page is requested, the network software retrieves the page, but also saves it locally. When the page is requested again, it will make it available from the cache, thus speeding up the process of viewing the page. This only works for web pages which do not have dynamic data on them or which have not altered recently. The system works better for graphics and other elements of a web page which do not change very often.

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