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    compzrision between Ajax and silverlight

    What is the comparision and idfferences between silverlight and Ajax?
    Any relation between silverlight and Ajax?
    Any relation between silverlight and Javascript?
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    both are based on javascript.....
    silverlight gives you rich controls and rich client UI.
    and ajax will give you same but not easy as silverlight, ajax is partial page submition to server it avoid every time access to server ,it is combination of xml and java script.

    silverlight provides rich text application and that is give the input value to page by the way of drag and drop,

    simply more real and rich application for that we need silver light should be installed on browser machine,it is cross browser facility.


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    check this url for difference,289142,sid8_gci1266316,00.html


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    The main comparision between Silver light and Ajax is they both developed using Javascript.
    Both uses XML for impllimentaion purpose, more precisely Silverlight uses XAML.
    The differences are :
    Ajax is a technology which majorly deals about client side implimentation, hitting the server/DB from client side without submitting the page to server i.e postback which reduces the round trips to server and fetches the data very fastly.
    SilverLight designed for more user friendly Look and feel, concentrates more on playing Audio,video over the web using rapid streaming of files. Microsoft's product for replacement of Adobe Flash.
    Easy and faster implimentation of applications like Games using rich dev environment and controls.
    The core implimentation of Silverlight is done using Javascript only.
    To know more about silverlight please go through the link below:


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    silver light ,Ajax both are based on modefing java scripts,both will gives you same .silver light is empowering high defination video and based rich interactive applications(or) major browsers for the Mac,windows&linux. silverlight replacement of Adobe flash.making,Ajex programing very stright forward,the full server environment is directly available for normal programmatic access.but not easy as siverlight.

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