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    Reward programs in dotnetspider

    You can earn lot of gifts and prizes from dotnetspider by posting resoruces and answers in the forum.

    Google AdSense Revenue Sharing

    Our AdSense revenue sharing program is a unique revenue share model which no other .NET developer website is using currently (as per our knowledge). We use Google AdSense APIs to share AdSense revenue to members. This is based on a special partnership program with Google Inc.

    The primary revenue for members from dotnetspider is the Google AdSense revenue share. We will use your AdSense account in your content and you will get 90% of the AdSense revenue share. The AdSense revenue will be credited directly in to your AdSense account. Learn more about AdSense Revenue Sharing.

    In addition to the AdSense revenue sharing, you can earn cash rewards and prizes from dotnetspider.

    Regular Awards From

    Member of the Week Award

    Every week, our editors will pick one member as 'Member of the Week'. The prize will be a .NET related book. You can suggest a book and we will try our best to buy the book of your choice.

    The winner will be announced on Sunday or Monday based on the points earned during the previous week (Sunday to Saturday). The winner will be selected from the list of 10 last 7 days top scorers, but does not need to be the top 1. Our editor will carefull evaluate the quality of the content posted, instead of just depending on the points earned.

    Monthly Revenue Sharing

    Every month, we will select top 20 contributors of dotnetspider and divide a portion of our revenue to them according to their contribution level. This is one of the best opportunities to be part of and share the fruits our combined hard work. The revenue sharing members list will be published every month.

    Author of The Month

    Every month we will select one member who submitted the best article as the "Author of The Month", which comes with Rs 250 prize money. Read more...

    Editor's Choice Award

    Our editors will randomly pick some members for 'Editor's Choice' award. The prize will be an Award Certificate from dotnetspider. This Award Certificate can be a great value addition to your resume.

    The winner will be selected by editors, based on the quality of the posts in Resources or Forum Answers. The number of posts or total points earned will not be considered for this. Even a single post of high quality may make you eligile for this prize.

    Member of The Year - Annual Super gifts

    We will select up to 10 members at the end of every year. The winners will be selected from the list of top 50 members. The prizes vary from year to year. In 2012, we gave out Apple iPad 2 to the top 2 "Super gift for 2011 Member of Year award winners".
    Other runner ups earned various other prizes.

    Most Valuable Member [MVM] Award

    We present the MVP Award to thank individuals for their exceptional contributions to DNS. We will be awarding a Certificate of appreciation to the winners. For more details please visit Click Here

    Best Forum Supporter Award

    This is also a new award which will commence from April, 2009. We present this award to individuals who provide clear and correct answers to other's questions in the forum. We will be awarding Rs. 100 Cash Credits + Certificate to the winners of this award.

    For more details please Click here

    Regular Cash Credits Programs From

    Cash Credits For Posting Articles and Resources editors will review your Articles and Resources and depending on the quality of the post, they will reward Cash Credits up to Rs. 200

    Note: All Resources are not entitled for Cash Credits

    Cash Credits for Products Submission and Review Writing offers cash credits upto Rs 25 for Product Submissions and upto Rs. 50 for Reviews.
    For More Information Read This Post

    Cash Credits for good forum answers offers cash credits upto Rs 25 for good forum answers
    For More Information Read This Post

    Active Contests in


    Expired Reqard Programs in

    October Contest - Compare DotNetSpider with Competitors and Win prizes

    Write about comparing it with other competitors and win prizes for more Details Read This Post

    DotNetSpider Developer Cup

    DNS Developer Cup is a competition where DNS members can participate grouping up with a Team of other members or individually to develop a Software Project which should be solving Problems of any Business Industries.
    For More Details
    Click Here

    New Competition - Post Your Interview Experience and win special prizes

    Win cash Prizes for sharing your Interview Experience with DotNetSpider members
    For More Details Read This Post

    Review of the Week Award

    This award will be given to the Member who writes the Best Review.
    The winner will be awarded Rs 100 Cash Credits + 200 Points + Certificate.
    For more information Read This Post

    Do you have any other suggestions ?

    We are open for your suggestions. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions.
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    Writing everything in capital letters is not a good idea.

    - Tony

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Hi Tony,
    Its really inspiring to all the members of this group to have so many awards.
    One thing i would like to add here, i do see people copying the articles from different place and pasting it in Dotnetspider. Moderators/admin of this site are doing great job in identifying such articles and deleting them.
    I do see certain members of this grop are blindly posting what ever they want to gain points and also with out following proper guidelines around writing good article. But agian its difficult to control this.
    So we need to bring a concept of, If the Person has More No. Of Deleted articles then reduce the points by nnnn and also give them an award of "Best Copier". I am not sure how many people like this, but think about this. this way people will be very cautious about what they are posting in articles section.
    Once again its great to maintain this big success site.
    Thanks -- Vj

    Thanks -- Vijaya Kadiyala
    Microsoft MVP

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    Hello Tony Jhon,

    This website is very helpful to new comers in .NET like me and looking of this new site is Good but it has some drawbacks.
    1) I didn't get answer to my respected mail ID after submitting the Question.Previously i got mail from for every new answer,So Please include this.
    2) Previously i can search my previous Questions in my account,now this facility is not there.Plese include this one also.

    Really this is very very very helpful to me....


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    Hi All

    This is one of the good site for .NET keep it up for continuous response to all memebers,but only thing missing some options
    New look was cool.
    Thanks & Regards

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    This is a good site for all the people who doesn't know dotnet or who wants to program well in dotnet as we can get the articles whatever we want in just a questionaire and i found this through my friend and i will be very very thanks to my friend as well as dotnet spider for giving so much options...........


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    I feel great when i dont know the answer and when i posted and i got the answer to my mail id and i tested so that i can get the answer,but one thing i found that some of the questions are being asked frequently by the members of this site, so i suggest one thing that if plz send the answer mail to all the members so that no one will ask the question again and again.........and it will reduce the redundancy.........

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    Hi Dotnetspider Team
    Thank you so much for giving this site to me and all .net programmers .i learns so much from this site.

    Thanks again

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    it help fil of fresher programmer and and exprinced developer
    we find lotof knolege of this site
    thanksfull this site

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    Dotnetspider is very good site by which we can share our codes.
    Its very cool site.


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    Hello Tony Jhon,

    This website is very helpful to new comers in .NET and looking of this new site is Good but it has some drawbacks and it will reduce the redundancy.........


    Naveen Kumar.M

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