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    Submit code snippets and earn cash

    We are looking for freshers and experienced programmers to post "Code Snippets" in our Code Snippets section.

    We will pay Rs 10 to Rs 100 for each approved code snippet.

    Terms & Conditions

    1. You can post any general code snippets/samples with a small description.

    2. You should not make exact copies of code snippets from other sites. Each piece of code you submit must be tested in your local computer and should be compiling.

    3. You should provide a short description. The description should be properly formatted, using appropriate grammar and correct syntax. Even if the description is 1-2 lines, it should be well formatted.

    Typically, description can be 5 to 20 lines and code can be 2 to 5 lines. Code can be longer, but in general, if the code is longer than 10 lines, it must be posted as an Article, not Code Snippet.

    4. The source code within the post should be enclosed within the special tags [ CODE] [ /CODE]

    5. Amount will be paid to you once you reach a minimum level. You can find more details here.

    Ready to join? Post 5 to 10 code snippets. After you submit the code snippets, our Editors / Web Masters will review your submissions and let you know if you qualify. Basically, if you post code snippets in appropriate format and if they are not exact copies from other sites, We will approve.
  • #221020
    Good chance for Programmers to share their work and earn.
    Many times we will do R & D to do some code after that if we share the same here so other user will be get benefitted from it and also the sender good concept.

    Shivshanker Cheral
    "If you share your assets (money etc..) it will decrease, But if you share your knowledge it will increase!!! ".

  • #221525
    hi ,
    Its a good idea.

    Delete Attachment

  • #221528
    hi its a good thought we can point out any mistakes if they intended to put there code in the real world objects

  • #221532
    Its a very good idea. The person who created the code will earn(sharing their work and earn).

  • #221911
    that's nice..Now we can share our code and earn money..

  • #222644
    Gtreat !!!
    People can earn while learning..

    Also now we can get clear and tested code, not a copy paste.

  • #222893
    yea its gud we are learning a lot!

  • #223123
    hi ,
    Its a good idea.

  • #223206

    it's a good chance for the programmers

  • #223208

    it's a good chance for the programmers

  • #224252
    it is good idea. we can learn and earn

  • #226628
    Hi Tony,

    Nice way to learn and earn money

    Thanks & Regards,
    Danasegarane Arunachalam

  • #229726
    It is a nice chance to earn money and to learn.

  • #236270
    I think this is a goog thing

  • #237034
    this is good

  • #238570
    its very nice

  • #239795
    Now we can share our code and earn money..
    It is a nice chance to earn money and to learn....

  • #240337
    Hey its money for brain and help

  • #240414
    good idea.. to earn n help

    Thanks & Regards,
    Deepika - Sr. Editor
    Webmaster, GujaratSpider
    "Experience is the name everyone gives to his mistakes"

  • #240754
    hai Tony..
    It is a good idea...
    This will be a motivation to people like us...earning money

    You have any idea about starting a S/W company???
    The first preference is for dotnet members...
    by rani

    "Enjoy the World of IT"


  • #240809
    New look is good but regarding functionality I think we need some time to catch where are the things.

    we all are using old one very quickly now we are facing problem while navigating


  • #240951
    good idea.. to earn n help
    Software Engg.

  • #241075

    Very Nice Idea..

  • #241714
    hi ,
    Its a good idea.

  • #242598
    Nice way to learn and earn money
    Software Engg.

  • #242959
    It's a good sense...

  • #243182
    Yes... it's a fantastic idea...
    It will make the programmers to do crazy things and earn money
    for that :)

  • #246993
    its cool...
    I will reduce time spent on R&D and helps to devalop application rapidly.

  • #247771
    It's fabulous. Learn and earn. bravo..keep it up

  • #248143
    This chance for share our thoughts with Others

  • #249019
    Its excellent...I am ready to buy laptop for extrawork for dotnetspider...this type of commitment we need to get... :)

    Thakns gays

  • #249716
    Its very nice ...

  • #252202
    Too good

  • #255805
    HI, It's very cool idea for Programmer...Start here and earn more money

  • #257412
    nice step... :)

  • #257891
    Great idea...Good one.

  • #261430
    It is nice idea for get payment for their work after uploading it
    Muralee Krishnan.K

  • #264709
    Yes it's a fantastic idea.

    It will make the programmers to do crazy things and earn money
    for that :)

    Thanks & Regards
    Nothing is mine ,Everything is yours!!!

  • #266580
    now only i joined this community.

    i am fresher also....

    this type of words are very very helpful for me....

    So please encourage like me to improve our skills.....

    thanks for ur opinion.........


  • #267640
    Hi ,
    Thanks for your boost up packages..this wil really help developers to think differently to get most paid developer.Thanks a lot and to you Tony for such a great idea.


  • #268690
    It is a good idea for a techie to improve and also share his discoveries with the world.

  • #269700

    I will reduce time spent on R&D and helps to devalop application rapidly.

    Do not forget to Rate the post...
    Sajid P K

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