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Free Windows Azure Exam

Microsoft just announced the availability of beta exam for Windows Azure. This is beta exam for Exam 71-583, Pro: Designing and Developing Windows Azure Applications.

Theoretical concepts in Windows Azure

Some useful theoretical concepts in Microsoft Windows Azure Platform. Tried to include the much needed information pertaining to Windows Azure. Also tried to present the points in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Introduction to Windows Azure.

In this article, Windows Azure basic concepts, supported languages by Windows Azure have been included for beginners. Also SQL Azure concepts have also been added. I hope it will be useful for you.

Create database programmatically at runtime in windows azure project

how to create database and tables at runtime through code in windows azure project for cloud app.Plz help. String CreateDatabase; SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection("Server=.\\SQLEXPRESS;Integrated security=SSPI;database=master"); CreateDatabase = "CREATE DATABASE " + TextBox1.Text + " ON PRIMARY " +

Microsoft Announced New Features for Windows Azure During TechEd 2010

Microsoft announced Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio 1.2 (June 2010) at TechEd 2010. Some of the most important features are: .NET 4 support, support for Visual Studio 2010 RTM, and IntelliTrace debugging. Microsoft also announced a billing plan for Azure CDN, and new options for SQL Azure.

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